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LiveJournal for Nick Carter.

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Friday, November 2nd, 2001

Time:10:17 am.
WHO WANTS TO HELP ME BEAT DOWN THE LOSER WHO THINKS HE'S THE REAL NICK!!!! i support you all, and you all support me...SO LETS FIGHT!! Come on! It'll be fun, and plus, THE REAL NICK SUCKS. he's giving me a bad rep being gay and liking bois and being just PLAIN MEAN!!

...who wants to help me sneak in some doritos :( brian's being a meany and said i can't have doritos. he gave me lettuce instead!!

so who's with me?
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Sunday, October 21st, 2001

Time:6:37 pm.
Hey hey hey! Sorry I haven't written in a long time! Thank you all for the posts. When I checked up on here, I saw the number of posts you guys left here, and I was far beyond shocked! Thanks!

Things have been pretty busy, with our concerts, shows, recordings, and helping out with the 9/11 victims, but it's all worth it! Hope everyone is ok, and KTBPA!
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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2001

Time:10:04 pm.
Mood: lonely.
i feel so relieved.

as you might of heard, i called willa a copule of days ago and i got some things of my chest to her. i needed to say some things to her because it hurts having all these emotions bottled up inside me. ive been sailing for the past couple of days..

and ive been wondering..

wouldnt it be nice if i could just sail away forever?

wouldn't it be even more nice if willa came with me?

wouldn't it be nice if everyone would just rather me dead? i think that's the best answer. sigh!!

i've gone off the doritos for a while. they get tiring after a while.

we go back on tour on friday. im not scared, BUT PREPARED!

willa...will you marry me?
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Tuesday, August 21st, 2001

Time:7:11 pm.
sup.. im still hangin here. nope i havnt left yet. dont be fooled by that nickolas carter punk, that's not him, THISIS ME!! kinda reminds me of that dream song..

did anyone see me at the teen choice awards? i was trying to set a fashion trend. do you think anyone will go for it? ;)
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Thursday, August 9th, 2001

Time:4:14 pm.
lance took me off must_be_pop

why lance, why?
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Time:4:13 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
brian deleted me from his friends list :(

i guess he fell for the other nick carter that's posing as me...

maybe since everyone else is paying more attention to the nick carter poser, maybe i should delete this journal?

im quitting doritos for a while. i went sailing in the ocean today, it was nice and cool. it reminded me of willa, nothing impure, just those good ole days. i miss her sometimes!! i wonder if she ever feels the same about me? guess not!! it also made me think about bri, and kevin, and all the guys how we used to hang out. i wonder, is this going to be different once aj's out of the hospital? will i still have the same feelings i have for him?

ima go and play some ball with aaron, peace!
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Wednesday, August 8th, 2001

Time:3:26 pm.
Mood: guilty.
You guys are right.

I'm sorry brothers. Im sorry I take you for granted and Im sorry I call you mean names. Im sorry for obsessing about my doritos, and Im sorry for rapi..I mean being mean to my brother Aaron.

I will try and be a good man from now on. Thanks all for your support and KTBPA!!!
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Tuesday, August 7th, 2001

Time:8:33 pm.
Mood: angry.


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Time:7:58 pm.

i meant shirt..there we go
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Time:7:58 pm.
did i say bra? i meant corset
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Time:7:57 pm.
this bra is too tight on me
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Time:7:50 pm.
Mood: sad.
WHYY!!!!! WHY MUST IT Be!!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

im out of doritos again :('
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Time:7:42 pm.
Werd up, fellaz!! Well I bez on the net, just surfin for por...umm news! Yes, news, cuz that be coo. I PASSON GRASS! Jus wanted 2 let ya'll know that...

So wussup fellaz? Didja'll mmiss my sexy booty? I shouldve written bootylicious.....
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Wednesday, August 1st, 2001

Time:10:45 am.
yoyoyo! WHAT IS UP!

Yo, these past few days have been fukt^ the thing is since I'm on tour with my dumb lil bro Aaron, that lil punk went out with one of his dancers and came back all high on crack and drunk out of his mind!! WORD YO that kid was FUKT UP!! So I had to take care of that lil bitch and make sure no one noticed. If he do that next time ima bust a cap in his azz and send him to rehab. lil punk.

AJ got out yesterday, i am thrilled and can't wait to see my bab...I mean my bro!!
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Saturday, July 28th, 2001

Time:9:14 am.
Mood: angry.
My bro Aaron is a little PUNK.

Punk ass bitch stole my doritos!!
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Friday, July 27th, 2001

Time:10:49 pm.
Mood: hungry.
What be up with all these nsync punks getting Livejournals now HUH? They all smell like Willa's corns!! And that's not a pleasant smell. Even that stupid Britney got a freakin LJ. I swear I am just too cool for everyone. Ever since I found LJ I be rockin da house then those stupid Nsync kids steal my show. Those fucking punk asses!! They all should marry Lou Pearlman and EAT SHIT!!

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Time:11:04 am.
Mood: depressed.
Sup! Well last night I went to some party and met the boys from N'sync there. They are all a bunch of punk asses!!! Justin already hates me because I'm better looking than him and because of that one night stand I had with Britney, AND because I prank called their house. Then that other bitch JC was WINKING AT ME!! Sorry JC but I don't swing that way. He was with that one chick of his too, and she's freaky, she look possessed! But I'd still do her. The rest of the boys were just hanging out with each other the whole time, and me by my lonesome because Brian was with Leighanne. I have no friends anymore. I'm still searching for that certain someone, in which I will probably never find :( The only thing I have is my Doritos, and my Dreamcast.....
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Thursday, July 26th, 2001

Time:8:11 am.
Mood: annoyed.

Just woke up not too long ago, I am so tired, yo!!! Brian still in bed, god that kid sure does take up all the covers. Wait till I press my cold ass against his face, THEN who'll be taking the covers!!!
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Wednesday, July 25th, 2001

Time:10:17 am.

Yeah, it be me the famous Nick Carter. Yeah I'm the best, ya'll know it. I'm the sexiest too. GOOD LORD these Doritos be so dayum good! I gots to go to the store and get me some more!

Werd yo, everytime I see that video of Willa it make me wanna barf. SKANKY HOE that what she be.

Pray for aj yo!
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LiveJournal for Nick Carter.

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View:Website (Nick Carter - Jive Records).
You're looking at the latest 19 entries.